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The Tennessee Internship Consortium in Psychology (TIC), also referred to as the Consortium, consists of a number of cooperating agencies that offer a broad range of field experiences for qualified doctoral students in professional psychology.  All participating agencies are described on this website.  The University of Tennessee Educational Psychology and Counseling department plays a central role in administration, supervision and seminars.

The training program is individually designed but functions within the constraints required by funding commitments as well as needs imposed by didactic and clinical experiences.  The program consists of a 2000 hour internship that is completed within a 12 month period. Each agency provides a number of different settings for the intern.  Some interns may serve two concurrent agencies.  Supervision, seminars, staff meetings, and additional selected learning experiences are an important component of the internship program.  The program accepts applicants from doctoral students in school psychology.  Preference is given to school psychology applicants from APA accredited programs.

This internship site agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking related information from any intern applicant.   The Tennessee Internship Consortium in Psychology (TIC) is accredited through the Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation, 750 First Street, NE, Washington, D. C. 20002-4242, Phone: 800-374-2721, Website: www.apa.org/ed/accreditation, E-mail: apaaccred@apa.org.  TIC provides internships to applicants from doctoral programs in school psychology with appropriate practicum experiences in school psychology.

The Consortium

The consortium is a joint venture between the University of Tennessee School Psychology Program, Little Tennessee Valley Educational Cooperative, Cherokee Health SystemsKLASS Center of The University of TennesseeMonroe County Schools, Sweetwater City Schools, and Lenoir City Schools.   The consortium follows all rules and regulations set by the Tennessee Department of Education.

The Consortium is an affiliated program with the University of Tennessee, College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences, Department of Educational Psychology & Counseling and School Psychology Program.  As an affiliated program, the Consortium reserves one of its internship positions to a qualified University of Tennessee School Psychology Program graduate student who applies to the Consortium through the APPIC match process.

Educational Philosophy

The philosophy of the Tennessee Internship Consortium in Psychology follows the "Data-Based Problem Solving Model" in the implementation of psychological strategies within the school system environment.  The "Data-Based Problem Solving Model" is a variant of the more general scientist-practioner model.

Mission Statement

The function of the Tennessee Internship Consortium in Psychology's is to provide a professional training experience in the specialty area of school psychology. This training experience is of the highest quality expected of an APA accredited program and is in full compliance with the rules and regulations set by the Tennessee Department of Education. The Consortium is dedicated to providing vital experiences to insure the interns' success in their chosen profession.  Utilizing both school based and professional supervisors, the internship provides students with intensive supervision and comprehensive regular and special education program experiences with children across the age spectrum.

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